I work with women to
build resilience & create meaningful change at work and at home.

  • Understand Your Purpose

  • Advance Your Career

  • Love Your Authentic Self

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3 Steps you can take right now

Successful Career and Happy Home Life?

It shouldn’t be so difficult to have both.

Unsure how to leverage your unique abilities?
Feeling unheard or undervalued at work?
Stuck at a career crossroad?
Feeling torn between your career and your family?
Feeling overwhelmed and depleted?
Returning to work after a leave?


Get clear about who you are

Identify your unique abilites & skills.

Create a customized action plan.

Be accountable to your goals.

“As early as the first assessment with Natalie, I became clearer on the value of my contribution at the table.” 

-Allison Mendes

Leadership and Resilience Coach

Hi. I’m Natalie,

THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I SEE, is that the very thing that makes you who you are – is being crushed under the weight and belief that being unique is a threat to other people. The very opposite is true.

Your voice, personality, talents, experiences and skills all combine to make you a person that matters.

I’ve struggled with self-doubt, wondered how to get from A to B and faced challenges along the way. Living with an autoimmune condition sometimes amplifies these challenges, but it has also ehanced my resilience, softened my heart and forced me to embrace change. In 2019, I decided to take the path less travelled, albeit a bumpy one, with constant reminders that there was an easier way. Easy doesn’t equal better.

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I’ve spent the last 20 years working as a leader within the corporate financial services sector. Delivering results, navigating complex environments and coaching leaders at all levels was my job. I’ve taken those skills and am now working as a leadership and resilience coach, with individuals and corporations that want to make meaningful change.

Work with me and I’ll help you pinpoint what’s keeping you from moving forward. Together, we’ll uncover your unique talents and abilities and we’ll identify what’s holding you back from affecting real change in your life and finding greater meaning in the work you do.

Let’s Connec2You


Create meaningful impact at work and
be your best self at home?


  Get that promotion you earned

  Be compensated for the value you bring to the table

  Be heard by your colleagues and team

  Set clear boundaries between work and home

  Develop habits to live a healthier life

  Be the person you want to show up as

Become more resilient when dealing with life’s stresses.

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Book a free discovery call to get clear on what you’re looking to achieve, and how I can help you move forward.


Take a complete personal assessment to understand your unique strengths and how the world sees you.


Spend 90 minutes together to review your assessemnt and create a results-based action plan specific to your goal.

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With your leadership and resilience coach Natalie.
Start getting results in as little as one session.

  • Learn about who are you are and how
    you are perceived.
  • Tap into your authentic voice and purpose.
  • Explore strategies that will help you
    adapt to change
  • Employ methods to cope with stress
    and adversity.
  • Pinpoint the first step you can take to
    move forward.


1. 45 minute introductory call
2. Complete personal assessment test
3. Receive assessment results package
4. 90 minute goal planning & coaching session
5. Immediate take-action plan to move forward


If you’re ready to build resilience & create meaningful change,
I’d love to take this journey with you.

Book a free 45 min Discovery Call

3 Steps you can take right now

“The assessment alone changed the way I saw myself in every aspect of my life.”

-Jackie Steinwall

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