500,000+ Pardons Record Suspensions received by Canadians since 1970

2015-2016 1621 Pardons granted

2015-2016 8415 Record Suspensions granted

2011- 2015 14 Royal Prerogative of Mercy (Clemency) granted

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See if You Qualify ?

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Apply Now !

Canadian Pardon/Record Suspension and United States Entry Waiver Support Services

Canadian Pardons Record Suspensions and United States Entry Waivers Corp. assists Canadians and residents nationwide in obtaining a Record Suspension or U. S. Entry Waiver. Our guaranteed service ensures that Canadians eligible for a Parole Board of Canada Record Suspension or U. S. Department of Homeland Security Entry Waiver effectively complete all necessary steps to successfully obtain all the benefits of a Record Suspension or U.S. Entry Waiver. Sealing a previously visible criminal record enhances your employment prospects, volunteer opportunities and educational options.

Securing a U.S. Waiver allows for stress free unlimited legal access to the United States for business, educational or family travel. Canadian Pardons Record Suspensions and United States Entry Waivers complies with the processing requirements mandated by the Parole Board of Canada and the United States Department of Homeland Security to efficiently and effectively prepare your application utilizing RCMP Accredited fingerprints. Our BBB (Ottawa) membership ensures that every client is satisfied that they receive professional service from our experienced and knowledgeable certified Pardon/Record Suspension and U.S. Entry Waiver Officers. We welcome reviews and feedback from our clients and 100% client satisfaction is our priority objective.

Managing the application preparation process requires effective communication with our clients from start to finish. Client support is provided continuously via phone, email, mail or text whatever is preferred. A partnership with our clients on this important and positive step in their life is what we are dedicated to providing. Timely and correct completion of the sequential steps required by the Parole Board of Canada and U.S. Department of Homeland Security is an arduous task that needs to be completed correctly and efficiently. Our certified Pardon/Record Suspension and U.S. Entry Waiver Officers specialize in ensuring that each application advances correctly the first time, as quickly as possible, providing peace of mind to our clients.

Recent changes to the Criminal Records Act in 2012 and proposed future improvements currently being considered after the Public Safety Canada Criminal Records Act Consultations and the Parole Board of Canada User Fee Consultations support determining if you qualify. Call us toll free at 1-800-779-7659 from 8:00AM to 12:00 Midnight EST 7 days a week for answers regarding your particular situation and current status.

Permanently sealing a criminal record is a valuable step in your future and a worthwhile investment in your peace of mind.  Freedom to permit employer criminal record background checks, freedom to travel with confidence, freedom from a past mistake.  Verify that you qualify to seal your record today, there isn’t any reason to have a publicly visible criminal record anymore!

Exclusive Offers

Applying for a Canadian Pardon Record Suspension provides freedom and peace of mind. And the U.S. Entry Waiver allows you to travel hassle-free permanetly enhance your ability to live free from the stigma of a past mistake.

Assuming you meet the qualifications there is no reason to have an unsealed criminal record.


“Passed my criminal record background pre employment check. New job and going to accept another part-time opportunity with uber. A 100% turn around in my life, opportunities galore! Thanks Pardon Record Suspensions & U.S. Entry Waivers, You have changed my future!”
– Daniel G.


Canadian Head Office
251 Laurier Avenue. West
Suite # 900
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5J6

Appointments Required

United States – Head Office
1101 Connecticut Avenue NW
Suite #450 Washington,
District of Columbia

Appointments Required

Toronto Processing Centre
1 Yonge Street
Suite # 1801
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1W7

Appointments Required

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