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Don’t get buried in the legal system.

“The traditional legal process is adversarial by design. It is based on a win-lose outcome and is extremely stressful.”

Through mediation, we will guide you towards a Separation Agreement that works for you, and your family so you can start moving forward, AND STAY OUT OF COURT.


The process by which a neutral third party assists couples to reach an agreement on issues relating to their separation including: support payments, the division of property, custody of and access to the children, or any other family-related issues.

Is mediation right for you?

Watch the video or read our Q and A link to help you understand if mediation is the right option for you.

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“The prospect of a divorce was frightening. Through mediation, we were able to agree upon financial and parenting solutions, quickly and without spending all our money on legal fees. I would highly recommend using Positive Solutions.”

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How Does it Work?

Step 1

Introductory Meeting

Free, 30-minute, joint,
on-line meeting

Step 2

Individual Meetings

A mediator spends 90 minutes face-to-face with each individual.

Step 3

Joint Mediation Sessions

Joint meetings to discuss financial, parenting, and support payments.



We Simplify the divorce process so you can move on with your life.

Family First

We are a family helping families. We have created a supportive environment so couples can talk about important issues relating to their separation, so they can maintain amicable relationships moving forward. Family is our number one priority!

Supportive Environment

We provide a supportive environment for our clients and our team. We empower everyone to be their best, by giving them the tools and resources they need to succeed, and then, we celebrate their achievements!

Extraordinary Service

We are committed to continuously improving ourselves and our organization, so we can enhance and exceed our clients experience and expectations.

Respect for All

We are a company built on trust and respect for everyone. We have high ethical standards and honour the diversity in each other and those we work with.

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A Free 30min ONLINE Joint Introductory Meeting.


Getting a divorce can be emotionally and financially overwhelming. We know you want what’s best for your whole family and in order to do that you need a solution that’s going to work for your specific situation.

The problem is the fear of losing your family, your money or both can feel paralyzing. The thought of spending money on lawyers and time in the court system feels wrong and dehumanizing.

We understand how stressful it is to make life changing decisions without knowing the best options available. Positive Solutions Divorce Services(R) was founded on the very real need to simplfy the divorce process and keep separating couples out of the adversarial court system. For the last ten years, through our professionally trained mediation specialists, we have helped over a 1000 couples simplify the divorce process and reach amicable, legal, separation agreements.

We use professional, caring mediators that help ease your stress while you work through the steps. First, we ensure that mediation is the right choice for you. Second, we meet with you as a couple to start the mediation process, and third we select the right plan that will get results for your specific situation.

To get started, schedule a free online consultation, and in the meantime download our Guide To Understanding Mediation so you can make the right choice for your family during this challenging time. Don’t let the courts decide what’s right for your family, let us help you find relief and start moving forward today.

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